Convention Program

BID International Quality Conventions are organized in a three day program:

First day: The first day is for the arrival and registration of each award winning delegation at the office of BID.

Second day: The second day begins with the Opening Ceremony and presentation of the participating organizations and each business leader attending the convention. Later a specialized seminar on Quality Culture is given, as part of the agreement signed with UPM, the Technical University of Madrid. As a prelude to the Gala Dinner, a media session for photographers and videographers starts. During the Gala Dinner the BID Quality Award winners each receive their corresponding BID Quality Award, in an environment designed to highlight the media nature of the event, helping to promote excellence and career success of our awardees.

Third day: During the third and last day, before the delegations leave the BID Quality Convention, press releases, photographs and other media material are delivered in order to help the winners promote their history of success and excellence in the world of Total Quality.


The Opening Ceremony of the International Quality Conventions, conducted by Business Initiative Directions, begins with the welcoming of each and every one of the delegations representing organizations and companies around the world. This reception is presided over by the President of Business Initiative Directions, Jose E. Prieto. The Welcoming Ceremony is documented by photographers and professional cameramen, thus obtaining high quality audiovisual material for the subsequent disclosure.

As is tradition for over 30 years, all International Conventions of Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D.) that are held in Paris, Madrid , Geneva , Frankfurt , London and New York, close with a formal Gala Dinner.
During each Convention, delegations and business leaders from over 70 countries attend a high-level business and institutional meeting which is led by the BID staff, in a dual role as hosts and organizers of the convention, providing relevant information and introductions in five languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.
The BID Convention is an international experience. Designed to provide a forum between leaders and entrepreneurs come from different countries of the world. A scenario of contact and recognition between the business community and organizations that are committed to the highest standard: Total Quality.

The Award Ceremony is held during the Gala Dinner. There the leaders of companies and organizations receive recognition from the president of BID Jose E. Prieto, along with a distinguished panel of personalities that make up BID’s Corporate Representation for the Quality Awards.
The Awards Ceremony is performed on a specially designed stage for the event. BID maintains a documentary collection of each and every one of the congresses in the past three decades, creating an important library of testimonial information about the most successful companies and organizations in the world, their leaders and their approach to the challenge of achieving Innovation and Total Quality.

Optional program: Recording of the Convention
Multiple photographers and professional cameramen cover the event during the General Program, which includes all the regular activities of the conference: Welcoming Ceremony, Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony.The entire event is recorded and digitalized in the BID archives.
By prior arrangement BID offers several options for special recordings to attendees or awardees, according to the needs and requests of each organization. The final versions of the videos will be edited in DVD format for future use in multimedia format or television. Some of these special features, accessible via prior arrangement are:
Interview options

The interview of the representative of your organization:

This interview lasts approximately 10 minutes and consists of questions related to Customer Satisfaction; Products; Services; impact of the Competition; Quality Goals; Quality Opinions and Criteria; and the Significance of Quality in your organization.

This interview is formatted for an easy broadcast on television.

Note: Appointments with BID for video interviews must be made prior to the convention. It is very important to realize that BID requires sufficient time (at least 10 days before the start of the event) to prepare any details related to the recordings.

Support and dissemination of BID through printed and digital publications
It is part of the philosophy of BID to offer a comprehensive and far-reaching communication support to all those entrepreneurs, businessman and institutional leaders who have taken up the challenge of being proponents of excellence through the challenge of pursuing Total Quality. Under that framework of communicational support BID provides coverage to the winners and companies in several print publications.


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