Quality Partners

Quality Ambassadors: The faces of excellence

The more than 30 years of BID has dedicated to the improvement of Total Quality Management and quality recognition globally, allow us to say with pride that we have a network of consultants and experts who perform the vital function of moderating tensions created between business and institutional groups, when trying to implement the strategies and techniques for the development of Quality Culture.

BID Quality Ambassadors accept the appointment knowing that this credential requires of them to represent professional values that exemplify the highest standards of business and institutional excellence. They are the faces behind a thousand stories of career success, men and women who make our society sustainable with their constant work and commitment to excellence.

Our Quality Ambassadors have the honorable responsibility of representing Quality Culture from the most important forums of debate: universities, conferences, seminars and public forums, where we discuss and construct improvements in industry processes and management of institutions, developments in the various models of quality management or where  the efforts of other leaders who have decided to travel this path of excellence are recognized.

Pragmasters: The prestige of excellence
Quality Hunters: Scouts for Quality
What does it mean to be a BID Quality Hunter?

What responsibilities does a BID Quality Hunter have?