BID Award Winners

KEPCO: The energy that powers Korea

The power industry is perhaps one of the most complex business that exist today. A failure in the supply of the vital electric energy, which powers virtually all devices on which our civilization is based, will certainly cause the eventual loss of many lives, immeasurable loss of money and a myriad of problems and disasters. Modern life without electricity is paralyzed.

Therefore it is a huge responsibility to provide 93% of the electricity of a highly developed country in the technological field, as is South Korea. A responsibility and an awesome challenge. A complex and monumental work that the Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO ) has been able to perform for more than two decades with excellent results.

The repercussions of this industry are such, that the development and expansion of KEPCO was considered one of the key moments in the so-called “Awakening of the Four Asian Tigers ” an economic phenomenon of prosperity that was unprecedented in the 80s, and had as leading visible heads of this economic boom South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

Currently KEPCO has under its control several coal power plants, wind farms and even nuclear power plants. Therefore, and in recognition of their excellence, perseverance and relentless pursuit of excellence, and knowing the high degree of trust and reliability that they have earned among the population of South Korea as one of the more stable power and energy providers in the world, BID bestow the BID Quality Award to KEPCO, recognizing this multi millionaire company, as one of the international references for Total Quality Management and as a beacon of prosperity both for Korea and Asia.


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