Our reference: a Total Quality Management strategy focused on client needs and teamwork, taking into account all levels of company performance + info

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Our strategy: a concept of multitasking in quality culture management, made up of six groups of actions which blend to achieve a process of constant quality improvement + info



Our recognition: every year BID presents an international quality award to cutting edge companies from around the world for their firm commitment to excellence, innovation and leadership + info

During a spectacular ceremony, one that is regarded as symbolic and solemn, the best writer of the year is honored. But the Nobel Prize for Literature, given by the Swedish Academy, is much more than that. You’re probably intrigued by what goes on
During the last 27 years, the Awards in Quality that Business Initiative Directions has given, have become true standards of excellence for companies around the world. And speaking of the world of awards, we’ve put together a ranking of the five mo
Saying just the right word at the right time is a skill for intellectual people. Of course, the 44th President of the United States dominates language like few politicians do worldwide. Barack Obama pays special attention to his speeches. He is an el

Our journey as an organization over the last three decades has surpassed all of my personal expectations. From humble beginnings, we have grown into an international organization in every sense of the word, having seen the QC100 model implemented in 179 countries.

Jose E. Prieto
President of Business Initiative Directions