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Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.

BID Group One, Madrid 2022

At BID Group One, business expansion and communication between countries and continents is possible. We seek to promote authentic leadership, always accompanied by sustainability. Our purpose is to build relationships and connections for development.

Global success

Congratulations to all of you who are joining the world of success. We are bringing together in Madrid, Paris, London, New York, Frankfurt and Geneva entrepreneurs with a lot to say to the world and a lot to contribute.

QC100 BID Total Quality Management Model


Entrepreneurs who have a long-term vision are used to performing at their best. And we even enjoy the challenges when they get tough.

That cooperation is essential to achieve goals. For this reason, BID GROUP presents BID Awards: to recognize the path and achievements of an organization, an innovative award to mark your success.

Who we are for our clients

We are a leading organization that directs different initiatives in the development and implementation of quality, as well as in the processes of transformation of companies and organizations. Bid Group realized, 37 years ago, that the majority of businesses and organizations innovate and offer their innovations on the market to enrich their services.

“In the last thirty-seven years, our achievements and our growth as an organization have exceeded my personal expectations. We started in Europe and have grown to become a truly global organization. The clearest evidence of our success is that the QC100 Quality Management Model and the BID Group Method are used in 180 countries, consolidating BID as one of the most prominent voices in the world of Quality Culture.”
Jose E. Prieto
Founder of BID Group One

ESG: The cornerstone

Recognition of Sustainability

– Consciousness: a suitable base, which incubates, instead of growing explosively. – Reality: Where do I want to go? What do I need?
– Vision: Keep in mind the vision that you had when starting your company: it can be valuable for your future decisions.
– Resources: be in the right financial situation. You need the right people: not those who are so overloaded that they cannot do their job.You need passionate, skilled and dedicated people.
– Operations: you need systems that streamline the workflow, effective systems.
– Adaptation: to reevaluate strategies and change direction in search of new income.
– Attention: a business is only as strong as its leader. Don’t let it happen to you that when expanding the company you forget about yourself: physical health, mental concentration and emotional serenity. Healthy food and sports, preparation and meditation rituals, and gratitude for emotional stability. And when there are problems, lean on them to grow.

Let’s build a future together