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Because doing nothing is the worst option


Easy decisions that complicate the life of the company. And complicated decisions that make the life of the company easier.

When it comes to deciding, as difficult as it may seem, doing nothing is the worst option. The wrong one for sure. Postponing small decisions is the beginning. And it is a key to failure.


First is to write the decision. We will avoid the loop. Write it. And I re-asked: it is an interesting idea, but what if… And so on until completing a list to see clearly, relieve pressure and focus on what is important.

The next thing will be to tie the emotions; or clarify them at a minimum. Make visible what we want and why we want it. And more questions: Why are we taking this path? The risk must be put on our side. Or, at least, that it doesn’t immobilize us.

And an element that cannot be missing: the filter of values. Of all these things that I want, which is the first for the organization? And the second?

Psychology is capital. The biases. And our benchmarks. Some leaders focus on what they get and others on what they lose. Some are decided by looking for the reference internally, and others need someone to confirm their decision. There are leaders who see only the needs and others the possibilities. Some focus on what coincides and others on the elements that differentiate something, when deciding. And finally, there are leaders motivated by general and others by details.


At Bid Group One we work with models for decision making. That is, ideas that help us better understand how the world works and that help us avoid problems. With this we help companies in situations where making mistakes has a very high cost.

We believe that thinking effectively makes an organization superior to the rest. And that it is good to apply the scientific lifestyle to have a better chance of reaching the right decision. We know that organizations that only inform themselves by sources that confirm their biases do badly. Because the most valuable information is often difficult to find.

We advocate the controlled experiment: When the public majority has to make a decision about something they are not well-versed in, the most they go for is introspection and calling a meeting. The scientific method says: better a controlled experiment. The most pertinent to the case. Experimentation to know the truth. Instead of common sense, consensus, disclosure, expired opinions …

Instead of so much instinct, partial information … You have to look for objective formulas to find the most appropriate answers. Act like an engineer or scientist. Think in experimental terms. And put the biases in favor. It is not by chance that biases are the scent that warns us of the nitty-gritty of things.

Focus and other factors

At BID Group One we base our success on the ability to invent advantageous solutions both for your client, of course, but without losing appreciation of the other side. Most, on the contrary, prefer to think that sometimes there is no way to cut the cake or to satisfy both parties.

Big obstacles in decision making:
-Premature lawsuits.
-Search for a single answer.
-Assumption of a cake of a fixed size.
-Think that the solution to a problem is your problem.

Important: to overcome the barriers… we need to understand them.

Let’s build a future together