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“We help companies to restart their success cycle”

Success & Evolution

It takes momentum, Newton style: an object moving in a straight line keeps moving. And one at rest goes on at rest. Success is a matter of strength and movement. And the stops require a lot of effort to restart.

At Bid Group One we help companies restart their cycle of success. Mindset is important. Change the perspective and with it the corporeality. The leader in search of success can achieve calm, clarity and an ideal direction to manage the company and make enabling decisions. It is convenient to celebrate successes and remember that the learning path is very steep.


It reflects the values, objectives and mission of the organization.

Building the brand is almost as relevant as knowing what the business model is: because if you don’t know what a company is and what it offers to the customer, you won’t be able to target the ideal audience. With a great brand it is possible to achieve success and stability. The brand image must be distinctive. And a statement to customers: I am here to satisfy you. At Bid Group One we help companies to empathize with the people they interact with and understand what they really need and want. With brand identity, an organization shows the world its tone, voice and purpose.

It is good to focus on the client but it is also important to study our competition to understand the opportunities, weaknesses and threats in our sector. Originality is tricky at this point, but there are extraordinary variations. Success is in the nuances, in the twist, in the subtle and continuous improvement. The great achievement of many companies is realizing what is missing and contributing to its creation.


Reputation management is more important now than ever. There are a dozen essential reputation trends, in the opinion of business organization leaders.

Companies need to develop a brand purpose and embrace cultural values, on an emotional level that transcends the products and services they sell. For this, it is essential that we take into account the following elements:

Threats that endanger the privacy of companies’ data are growing.

Today financial decisions are made after ethical and environmental considerations.

Artificial intelligence, the internet of things, big data and drones are impacting consumers and entrepreneurs.

Countries, governments and companies want to protect and manage their impact on environmental changes.

We are talking about stakeholders and individuals who have an extraordinary influence on public opinion and reputation: individuals, politicians or experts in each subject.

Today the integrity of the always great institutions, companies, governments and the media is highly questioned.

Sustainability and responsible sourcing

Today the CEOs of the largest companies are based on different indicators, their taking public positions on political, social and values issues, and not only those that affect their basic lines of business.

Equality, diversity and inclusion: Businesses are judged based on the demographic profile of their staff: gender, ethnicity, race …

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