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An award is an everlasting advertising campaign

Top Awards, an acclamation to entrepreneurs

Bid Group One’s Top Awards are the public recognition of the origin of all business success: knowing that nothing is impossible. At Bid Group One we know that companies are the ones that provide market stability and stability in the world, and that is why we want to let them be heard and reap applause.

Global success

At Bid Group One, business expansion between countries and continents is possible. It is time for authentic leadership, for influence. And the purpose of Bid Group One is to help build relationships that work, with our Quality Award, which recognizes companies and institutions that satisfy legitimate needs: shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees.

The world has changed and leaders need new models and maps to stay on course.

After 37 years of experience, we invite the world’s companies and institutions to our Expansion Conventions: Madrid, Paris, London, New York, Frankfurt, Geneva. Growing up is the great goal.

We are going to reward some of the people and organizations in the world who decide, who solve, who create, observe and learn.

We are going to recognize people who seek to differentiate themselves, transcend, with creativity, innovation and quality.

And we are going to divulge each success story, so that each business model is known internationally.

Leaders of companies and institutions participate in the election of the winners. They are ambassadors of quality, excellence and, starting in 2021, also of sustainability.

Those selected will be able to choose in which city they connect with other companies and institutions of authority in each sector.

There will be interviews, networking, learning, photos and videos, a gala dinner, the award and news in the media.

Bid Group One proposes candidates according to seven criteria: excellence, innovation, customer satisfaction, technology, leadership, strategy and business results.

At the Expansion Conventions, we will recognize those who are excellent in managing organizations and companies, in creating products and services, in brand reputation, in innovation or in their commitment to sustainability.

The trophies for the winners are the evidence that art is a vehicle to recognize great ideas.

We are equally selective in the cities and sites chosen:
-The Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile hotel, with its business center, convention center and access to art and luxury.
-The New York Marriott Marquis hotel, which combines glamor and art. It has a business center and congress hall and overlooking Broadway.
-The Intercontinental hotel in Geneva is well-connected and at the same time offers magnificent views of the lake and the Alps.
-The Tower hotel in London, with up to 19 conference rooms and the promise of London itself.
-The Intercontinental hotel in Frankfurt, within walking distance of almost everything that matters for an entrepreneur on a business trip to Germany.
-The Meliá Castilla hotel in Madrid, the largest in Europe and highly convention-oriented.


One of the BID Group One awards, with special relevance in these times, is WQC. It symbolizes the ambition of any company that wants to win over markets, create jobs and wealth. It is the turning point in the path of the Bid awards in the world.


An award is an eternal campaign to spread the news about each awarded organization and company. It is an unending source of communication and creates a ripple effect in the transmission of the ideas generated by an innovative leader.
Jose E. Prieto
Founder of BID Group One

Let’s build a future together